Company Overview

Our Mission:

It is our persistent objective to deliver high quality property information and network support services to pilot the local small to medium sized property agency firms to a precise and an efficient world of information and communication.

About Us:

Founded in 1995, Cybernetics 1 Limited (hereafter called Cybernet) has dedicated itself to constantly researching and developing property management software, and collecting property information, which is directly transmitted to over 20000 local property agency practitioners of over 1380 Cybernet Clients via Cybernet Intranet every day.

Cybernet Clients are mainly the most prominent local property agency firms, but also contains other property related businesses such as surveyor companies, banks, finance companies, newspapers and broadcasters.

Cybernet is also powering the search engines of Yahoo! Property, Century 21 and others over 300 property websites.

Cybernet insists upon Integrity and Neutrality – never engages in property agency business – to ensure “conflict of interest” will never happen.


Cybernet Property Information System (hereafter called CPIS), one of the Cybernet’s flagship products, is tailor-made exclusively for local small to medium sized property agency firms to manage property listings, multi-branch database synchronization, asking price analysis and transaction records analysis etc. For details, please go through The Introduction of CPIS.

Other Products Include:

  • Property Virtual Tour Showcase
  • Property TV-Wall (4-32 Screen) Display System
  • Mortgage Referral Rebate System
  • iOS Apps tailor-made
  • Android Apps tailor-made


Cybernet Property Information Subscription allows Cybernet Clients to have daily access to the property information database generated by Cybernet. At present, over 20000 property agency practitioners of over 1380 local property agency firms are subscribing to Cybernet Property Information in order to excel in the business.

The information includes:

  • Asking Price
  • Transaction Records   
  • Mortgage Database
  • Court Order
  • List of Ominous Dwellings

Cybernet Interactive Platform (Intranet): In addition to the data supply from Cybernet to Cybernet Clients, Cybernet Clients are allowed to list properties via the Intranet, so as to promote deals through the cooperation with other Cybernet Clients.

Cybernet Website (Internet): is a free website for the public. It exhibits over ten thousands of up-to-date listings of all types of properties, including residential units, village houses, offices, shops, industrial units, warehouses and lands etc., from all over 62 districts in Hong Kong. Prospective purchasers and prospective tenants can now sit at home and preselect desirable properties before taking actions.  

The Land Registry provides land registration information every day. Over the years, Cybernet Website upholds the fastest and most complete search engine for the public to acquire the firsthand transaction records to master the market trends. Each record is furnished with a wide range of particulars of the property, including layout, area, year of occupation, and the term of Government Lease etc. Many pay websites are far behind. Indeed, many property engines and transaction reports are being powered by Cybernet.

With our authentically high pageview, vendors can count on Cybernet Website to promote their properties. Their property listings can directly be reached by prospective purchasers or prospective tenants without any service charges or commission involved. Listing over Cybernet Intranet can also guarantee the properties with high exposure to over 12000 local property agency practitioners of over 1200 much prominent local property agency firms, resulting in more and better offers.

Other Services Include:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Internet Ad Design & Marketing
  • iPhone & iPad Apps Design & Marketing
  • Android Apps Design & Marketing
  • Mortgage Referrals
  • Cloud Storage
  • Image stitching for Virtual Tour

Network Setup, Maintenance & Repair Services:

Cybernet prides itself on its high technology competence, high server stability, and multiple innovative inventions, such as Buffer Zone Operation, Complete Block Saving Technology, Client/Server Multi-Branch Database Synchronization, which ensure Cybernet Clients always obtain high-tech , low-cost solutions for sustainable development.

Business Philosophy:

Before 2007, Cybernet did not hire any salespersons. It grew just by word of mouth. 95% of 500 clients that time were referred by one after another.

Cybernet now still believes its products are the best spokespersons for themselves.

Cybernet, comprising 9 management executives and engineers with 12 academic degrees of different specialties, believes concepts and experience are equally significant, especially for information technology industry. Cybernet stresses the importance of logical thinking, rationality and professional ethics.


  • 1995 Cybernetics 1 Limited was established; pioneered the application of Cybernet Property Information System ("CPIS") on SCO UNIX platform
  • 1996 invented Client/Server to allow high-tech, low-cost multi-branch database synchronization
  • 1997 launched CPIS on Windows 95
  • 1999 launched CPIS on Linux platform
  • 2000 launched website ( & 「One Key InfoLine」receive Saleable Area Fax
  • 2003 launched CPIS on Windows XP
  • 2004 adopted existing website (
  • 2005 invented Winux platform (Linux Window)
  • 2006 invented Chinese OS run on Linux platform
  • 2007-2009 launched NOW TV 502 Property Channel
  • 2008-2019 launching Yahoo! Property Channel exclusive (
  • 2009 launched CPIS on Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • 2010-2012 launched MSN Property Channel exclusive
  • 2010 launched Property Ad production and hosting service on iPhone & iPad Apps
  • 2011 launched Property Ad production and hosting service on Android App
  • 2013 launched Property Channel ( (till now)
  • 2015 launched Android version of CPIS and cloud service
  • 2016 launched iOS & Android professional version of CPIS
  • 2017 launched Big Property Data and Whatsapp Digital/Electronic Signature/e-Signature Function
  • 2018 launched Web App version of CPIS for all platforms
    Mac OS
  • 2019 launched Price $ Property Channel (
  • 2020 we collaborated with Standard Chartered Bank to launch API online mortgage application platform.(
  • 2022 we collaborated with Hang Seng Bank to launch API online mortgage application platform.(
  • 2023 Our joint venture company Cybernetics Property Mortgage collaborated with Bank of China (Hong Kong) to launch API online mortgage application platform.(
  • 2023 we collaborated with The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited to launch API online mortgage application platform.(

Cybernet is the software and property infomation supplier of over 1380 local enterprises, including
property agency firms, surveyor companies, banks, finance companies, newspapers and broadcasters.

Cybernet is also powering the search engines of Property 18 (, Price $ Property ( and others over 1380 property websites.